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A New Start


Hey all! First of all welcome to my new trade post. It is still very much under construction and might be for a little while yet. My previous host went poof and I lost all my previous etcg stuff.

LUCKILY I have all my activity logs saved to a google doc (though I might be missing my Rapture stuff from back when I was active in 2013 T-T), however since I did not save my general "keeping" "trading" etc categories I am pretty much going to have to reconstruct as if I were doing the updates for the first time. I'll be posting updates as I finish each section so if you don't see it listed as complete on the front page it is still in progress and I am not accepting trades for that tcg yet. Also if I have something listed as complete and I seem to be missing a trade or if any info looks wonky PLEASE contact me and I will fix it or look into it ASAP. My trades I am pretty much reconstructing completely from the emails I got when trades were accepted and stuff. I'm not sure what that means as far as trades I sent out on my own yet though I will check every member's page and trade log if I have to.

Anyway thanks for reading all this hope to be back to trading with you all soon!

- Sunlit <3